Your location for conferences in the middle of germany

a famous location for conferences, meetings and similar events

Because of its central location in the middle of Germany and its good transport links Oberhof is a famous place for conferences. Sporthotel Oberhof provides perfect conditions for successful conferences and meetings. Bright conference rooms, modern communication equipment and inspiring surroundings create the atmosphere for effective and successful events.

Last but not least, after the work is done you can do some sport or simply relax in our wide outdoor area.


We will meet all your needs, please ask at any time

conference rooms

Inselsberg (60 sqm) 50,00 €/day
Beerberg (57 sqm) 50,00 €/day
Lärchenkopf (20 sqm) 25,00 €/day
Schloßberg (20 sqm) 25,00 €/day
Schneekopf (66 sqm) 75,00 €/day
Ruppberg (47 sqm) 50,00 €/day
Schneekopf + Ruppberg (113 sqm)
125,00 €/day

Restaurant (210 sqm)

(other seating options by agreement)



latest technical equipment such as projector, flat screen, acoustic system with microphone, flip chart, wi-fi etc.

Wagners Sporthotel Oberhof

Am Harzwald 1
98559 Oberhof
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Telefax: +49 36842 22595
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