Marine aquarium Zella Mehlis

With sharks on touch

A very special highlight in the Thuringian Forest is the sea aquarium in Zella-Mehlis - the largest and most attractive of its kind in central Germany. A colourful underwater world with tropical oceans enchants visitors and takes them to another world. Bizarre corals and sea anemones are shown in unique beauty.

Unique fish, reptiles and living stones astonish visitors. Breathtaking is the crocodile house, which is accessible via a bridge construction. Particularly fascinating for children and adults are the sharks in the million-liter pool. Lemon sharks, nurse sharks, sand tiger sharks and leopard sharks swim close to touch. At the end of the tour you will meet the petting pond, where you even can touch the koi carp.

The marine aquarium Zella-Mehlis is open daily from 10am to 6pm.


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